Tuesday, 27 October 2015


HALLOWEEN - C.P. FOZANELDI 2015 on PhotoPeach
2 special witches came to school to give a great concert with some scary and funny songs, it was amazing!
MANY THANKS to Olaya, Mateo's mum for this great idea and their performance!!!

All children from Infants and Primary Years 1 and 2 had fun with their music and enjoyed the story about 2 crazy witches, who were looking for a cat before Halloween night!
  • Link to British Council where you can find games, songs and stories about HALLOWEEN.
British Council
  • Link to more information about HALLOWEEN:
Halloween resources
  • In Primary Year 2 we are learning this song to practise vocabulary about HALLOWEEN:
Pumpkin, Monster, Ghost, Bat, Witch, Cat....